The odious Ukrainian journalist: Ukraine will not become a European country after signing the agreement with the EU

During the program Shuster Live on the channel Inter the Ukrainian journalist and writer Oles Buzina said that the signing of the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine does not mean that she will automatically become part of the civilized European world.

According to him, the association with the EU imposes many economic obligations on the country, but does not give any political or social advantages for the Ukrainian population.

"After the signing of the association Ukraine will not become a member of the UE. Many countries of Northern Africa have association agreements with Europe, for example, Palestine and Turkey, which did not make them members of the European community," said the writer.

Buzina thinks that Russia is frightened with the prospects of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO after signing the association with the EU because that would pose direct threat to the Russian national security.

"Russia is afraid of the problems and issues, which will arise after the association of Ukraine and the EU, since there are the clauses there that lead Ukraine to NATO," said Oles Buzina.

The journalist is sure that deployment of American anti-ballistic missile defense military base on the territory of Romania, decrease in strength of the Ukrainian army, extension and low protectability of the Russian-Ukrainian border make the Russian government nervous.

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