New bill about Tymoshenko departure needs to be passed before Thursday

According to the lawyer Valentina Telichenko, in order to resolve the issue of Yulia Tymoshenko before the summit in Vilnius, it is necessary to pass the bill that allows the prisoners to go abroad for treatment (Labunskaya bill) before Thursday.

If the bill is passed it will come in the effect after have been signed by the president and published in the newspaper of Verkhovna Rada. The following day the defense of Tymoshenko will be able to submit the motion for application of new provisions of the criminal code to the former prime-minister's case for consideration of Kharkov court. However, the decision on permitting Tymoshenko to undergo treatment abroad and remission of her penalty due to sickness can come into effect only 7 days after it is made.

According to the experts the critical date for Yulia Tymoshenko release is November 18, which is the date when the council of the ministers of foreign affairs of the EU will make the final decision regarding signing the association agreement with Ukraine or refraining from doing so.

As the lawyer Valentina Telichenko has explained, the parliament needs to vote Labunskaya bill not later than Thursday, October 7.

The Party of Regions, in its turn, is ready for compromises in Tymoshenko issue, but calls the offer of Labunskaya unacceptable.

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