Another bill on treatment abroad has been registered in Rada

Forthcoming signing of the agreement on association of Ukraine and the EU makes the government to try to fulfill the conditions of the West, the main of which is release of Yulia Tymoshenko.

Since it is not acceptable for the contemporary politicians to do that by simply signing the papers and it is necessary to save the faces, the bills on the possibility of treatment of prisoners abroad are being registered in Verkhovna Rada one after another.

The mildest bill, registered by an individual deputy Angelica Labunskaya (registration #3461), was severely criticized by the experts. The main scientific expert department of Verkhovna Rada has concluded that in its current form the bill should be rejected in the first reading because its adoption can lead to mass release of dangerous criminals and dangerous special criminals.

The bill suggests that if a prisoner has been treated without result for 365 days, the convict can be sent for the treatment abroad by the decision of a judge, who also must decide to release the prisoner from serving the sentence due to sickness. In other words any prisoner could be released by sending him to be treated abroad.

Today Yulia Tymoshenko has urged the parliamentary opposition to vote for the bill of Angelica Labunskaya immediately and without amendments.

Today another individual deputy Vladimir Kupchak has registered a new bill, which suggests amending the code of penal procedure with an article stipulating treatment of prisoners abroad.

As opposed to Labunskaya, Kupchak is not going to release anyone, but suggests permitting the treatment of prisoners in medical establishments abroad while maintaining their imprisonment regime that will be proved by a written warranty of the government of a foreign state. The imprisonment regime is suggested to be maintained by the receiving foreign state with its consent or by corresponding authorities of Ukraine. The prisoner will be sent for treatment abroad during one month's term after the receipt by Ukraine of the written warranty of the government of a foreign state and supplying by the prisoner or his representative of the documents, which confirm overall cost of treatment as well as the expenses for maintaining the imprisonment regime of the patient.

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