Klitschko asks children to bring the New Year decorations to Maidan

Vitaliy Klitschko suggested putting a live Christmas tree on Maidan. As was informed by the press-service of the political party Udar of Vitaliy Klitschko, the activists noted that today Maidan Nezalejnosti is a real town with its own infrastructure and all its residents and those people who come there every day and every night take care of its improvement, cleanliness and order.

Since a lot of people, including foreign guests, visit Maidan, and taking into consideration that the New Year holidays are approaching, the protesters thinks that a live Christmas tree will create a festive atmosphere.

It is planned to decorate the Christmas tree with the decorations made by children, while those, who want to join this activity may bring the New Year decorations to Maidan.

The representatives of the manufacturing plant in Ilichevsk, which produced the state New Year tree for Kiev, informed that as a result of dismantling of the tree by the protesters about one third of the details was lost, the cost of which is approximately 1 million hryvnas. However, Kiev City State Administration did not order spare details to replace the damaged ones.

The representatives of the plant also note that it is impossible to assemble their New Year tree in another part of Kiev, because it is fixed by the cables to five-ton-blocks, which are located underground only at Maidan Nezalejnosti.

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