Already second car of the activists of Euromaidan was set on fire

The car of Uzhgorod activist of Euromaidan Yaroslav Shafar was set on fire at night on December 16. The car was parked near the house, which was situated 100 meters away from the Regional Police Department.

The TV news program TSN informs that it was KIA, the motor compartment of which was completely burnt. “Field investigation team, supplemented with the officers of the Scientific and Research Expert Criminalist Center, was dispatched to the place of the incident. It was found out that the car burned due to arson,” informed the representative of the Department of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs on Zakarpatiye Oleg Podebriy.

The criminal case was initiated due to the fact of arson. If the culprits are caught and proven guilty, they will be imprisoned for the term from 3 to 10 years.

The aggrieved businessman is a Deputy of Uzhgorod City Council. However, he is convinced that the car was set on fire not because of his political or business activity, but because of his active participation in Euromaidan.

As was earlier reported, in Chuguev of Kharkov region at night of December 12 unidentified people set on fire high-end outlander Mitsubishi L200, which belonged to the people’s deputy of Svoboda party Igor Shvaika. The deputy told about that on his web page in Facebook, where he placed the photos from the place of the incident.

In December of the last year in Uzhgorod two cars of the local deputies, who participate in land conflict, were set on fire.

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