Vitaliy Klitschko refused from the title of the boxing world champion

Associated Press informs that the Ukrainian boxer and politician Vitaliy Klitschko refused from the title of the boxing world champion by the version of WBC. According to the decision of WBC, Klitschko will have the title of the honored champion that will give him the right for the fight for this title with the new holder of this title.

Klitschko thinks that he should concentrate on the political events in Ukraine because he believes that people need him. He also noted that under current circumstances he cannot even think of returning to the boxing ring.

It was informed earlier that Vitaliy Klitschko should have determined his plans for the sport career before November 30, 2013; however, WBC provided him the possibility to postpone the decision to the middle of December. Since the end of November Klitchko, as a leader of the political party Udar, participates in protest rallies in Kiev.

Previously Vitaliy Klitschko stated several times about his intention to participate in the political life of Ukraine. According to Interfax, on December 16 during the briefing he confirmed his intention to be a candidate for the President of Ukraine.

Klitschko had his last fight on the boxing ring in September 2012. During his career he had 47 fights, won 45 victories, 41 of which with a knock-out. His younger brother Vladimir continues his sport career.

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