Hungary issued the 50,000th Sсhengen visa to a resident of Zakarpatya

The General consulate of Hungary in Uzhgorod issued 50,000 Schengen visas from the beginning of 2013. The Anniversary visa with the five year validity period was solemnly presented to a student of Uzhgorod National University, the future interpreter, Andrea Lendel on December 16.

“In recent years the situation with visa issuing to Ukrainians has considerably improved. From 2005 to 2007 we have been working on Hungary joining Schengen Area. I am convinced that this process helped to some extent to unveil the curtain on the border for Ukrainians as well,” noted the Vice State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Wintermantel during the solemn presentation of the visa.

Let us remind that the agreement between the EU and Ukraine about the simplification of visa issuing was ratified by the European Parliament on April 18 and by Verkhovna Rada on March 22, 2013.

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