Andrey Nikiforov: the games of the oligarchs

If you step back and look at the events, which take place in the heart of Kiev, you will unintentionally try to classify the events that are going on. It is clear that such assessments as the peaceful gathering of people, the revolution and other baloney for the not fussy ears are cast away immediately, because they cannot be applied to clear out the sense of the events that are going on. What else? The orange revolution, the brown putsch sound threatening, but even too much.

The feeling of Ruritanian of what is going on does not leave. It is not about that the revolutions and putsches (by the way what is the difference?) cannot be Ruritanian, yes they can, but not to such extent! The President of the neighboring country (of this hateful not-Ukraine, of “the Finnish and Hungarian empire of evil” and the main frontman of the “Taiga Union”) called the happening events in Kiev pogroms. And I think that he was partially right. There is something from the pogroms about all that. But it is obviously not only the pogroms. But what else is there?

The inner voice suggests the phrase "the games of oligarchs" to describe the people who sit and wander at Euromidan. Let us try to make clear with the things hinted by the inner voice. Of course, it is a desperate counterrevolutionary, and even seems to be unskillfully masked Titushky. But this is my inner voice, and that is why I need to make all this clear with myself before someone else will do it for me. So now let us reflect on the games of oligarchs.

By the way, what games do the oligarchs play? Is it tennis? This game is more suitable for the politicians and high rank officials. Is it casino? Most probably, but they are used to bank but not to play with the casino. In Ukraine it is illegal. They cannot become like these unimportant dollar millionaires, who spend their honestly stole… earned money in Monte Carlo or in Las Vegas. These card games are not for the oligarchs. What is left? It comes out that the oligarchs can really relax playing football with their football clubs or playing politics.

What do the Ukrainian oligarchs play? It happened so that football is the favorite game of the plebeians. The celestials are not so eager to play it. Well, they are aware that their colleagues in the others countries are keen on football, they sometimes even buy English clubs, but it does not sit right with the Ukrainian oligarchs, as there is no true excitement about that. There were two exceptions, but from one of them the favorite toy was taken away by the family, and another one won all the possible cups, and began to notice that actually he was winning himself. So the Ukrainian oligarchs practically do not play football, and recently they are not allowed to play politics.

It turned out that the creators of the vertical of the Party of Regions created it not to present it to the oligarchs. The vertical of power for them is extremely painful. To tell the truth, during the first years of his presidency the Head of the state tried to make kind of a balance of interests of the clans of oligarchs in the governmental construction he had built himself. It was going not so good because the building began to bend first in one side and then in another side. In one moment may be because of this or because of the natural greediness, the search of balance stopped and was substituted by the trampling down of the country. The proxies of the clans of oligarchs were step by step removed from governing the country.

The natural idiosyncrasy of the Party of Regions towards the coalitions and unities stood in the way of the oligarchs to politics. It looked exotic in 2006, far-sighted in 2010, and monopolistic in 2012. Having neither machinery experience, nor career training, nor legal basis, which in its time supported the communist party of the Soviet Union, the organization men of the Party of Regions began to think that they were the irreplaceable parts of the governing and directing force of our society. The tragic fate of the previous attempts to found the party of the government in Ukrainian political space is not taken into consideration. They thought that they were different form their predecessors and more intelligent. And now as a result they remained in political solitude: they have neither reliable allies in parliament, no real political forces of the same spectrum, but of radical direction, which could be opposed to Svoboda and other radical hooligans, nor the constructive opposition.

The absence of the real multi-party system is also the blow for the oligarchs. It is boring to stand in line for the Party-membership cards of the Party of Regions for them. It is the same as to play in the casino instead of owing it for them, because you can neither found your fraction, nor promote the trusted person to the leadership of a region. It is boredom in one word.

Many people may object that it is not about the oligarchs. Maidan is a spontaneous protest of the citizens, which is attempted to be ruled (not always successfully) by the three leaders of the opposition. How is the conspiracy of the oligarchs connected to it? This is how. How could we know that the people from Maidan are the peaceful gathering of the citizens, but not the mass crowd of malicious hooligans? We were told about it on TV, complaisantly, providing the confirmation of this assessment video. Or were we not provided the confirming video? Have you seen a lot of students, who were beaten on November 30 and from whom it all started? I do not assert that there were no students, but they were not presented to us duly. But we were informed that they were beaten very brutally, moreover this information was provided by all the national TV channels. The same as all those channels lied about the quantity of the people at the peaceful rallies, exaggerating it in several times. And when it became unbearable to call the rallies peaceful the mythical Titushky were brought in action... By the way, there was no such a total television preference to one of the parties of the conflict even in 2004. And now a question who owns all the national TV channels in the country?

Here is one more thing. In 2004 the TV journalists often had conflicts with the direction of their channels, and organized different individual and group protests. Today it is not like that. They admire Maidan doing their routine work and in accordance with their job descriptions. Moreover even in the most critical moments none of the TV channels missed the advertisement blocks. They say that you can postpone a war but never a lunch.

I will not even discuss for a long time the fact that any revolution costs something. Of course all the heroes of Euromaidan are there only for the call of the heart, and the expenditures for the long-drawn picnic are provided by the sympathetic residents of Kiev. Let us suppose that we agree that everything is happening as described. But how could all the time on television for the people’s money be bought? … Even the “gang of Yanukovych” could not do it during the election campaigns and it had much more money than people.

There is one more indicator of the oligarch trace in the current events. D you remember the attack of the cow madness occurred with Mrs. Bogoslovskaya? Do you think it is the rats fleeing the sinking boat? It does not look like this. The boat of the governments is, surely, being tossed, but it does not sink. And there are more rats in the fraction of the majority than those who flee it. Here is another thing. Bogoslovskaya is a master to fail the individual political projects. Ozumoe Pokolenie, Viche, and the project in the Crimea in 2010 all failed. But after every failure Mrs. Bogoslovskaya stood up and insolently convinced another oligarch for the next undertaking. And the oligarchs always believed her. So it means that Mrs. Bogoslovskaya always senses the oligarchs. That is why she was the first to flee the Party of Regions as she had the sense of those who acted against the governmental vertical.

Based on the symptoms there is a logical diagnose: the oligarchs attack the government. The purpose of the attack is neither to re-launch the government, nor to give it to opposition with the three heads but to make the Head of the state share the power and the incomes derived from the exploitation of the country. It looks as if he agreed to it, and it means that the immense leg-pull with the record quantity of participants, which takes part in the center of the capital, reached the aim and will recess with some time. Most probably it will happen even the next week. If this forecast will come true, one can believe that the diagnose is correct.

The score of the game of the oligarchs against the vertical of the government may be presented as follows. Khoroshkovskiy arrival to the country is 1:0 to oligarchs. Poroshenko will become a Minister of foreign affairs - 2:0. Azarov will be dismissed and substituted to the more advantageous for the oligarchs person - 3:0. Kharkov football club Metallist will be given back to Yaroslavskiy - 4:0, and so on.

Of course it is so sad that all the country was put upside down and was dishonored in front of the whole world. But let it be a relief for us that this time the main expendable material have become the random citizens with whom we had nothing in common. And after these events even less in common things remained.

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