Court leaves Igor Markov in custody for two more months

On December 16 Pechersky District Court extended detention measure for the arrested people's deputy from Odessa Igor Markov.

According to the information from the press service of the people's deputy, this decision was made after the judges spent more than three hours in the conference room.

It was the investigation agency which demanded to leave the people's deputy behind the bars. At the same time, according to Alexander Kazarnovskii, the lawyer of Igor Markov, the prosecution did not justify their claims in any way.

In turn, the defense was requesting Igor Markov’s release on bail to four fellow people's deputies – Vitaly Barvinenko, Alexander Presman, Vadim Kolesnichenko and Nestor Shufrich.

In his speech Igor Markov has drawn the Court's attention to the fact that he cannot be detained because he is a people's deputy and, therefore, is immune from prosecution. Also the defendant emphasized that he was accused of assaulting people who riot in the streets and, in particular, who were beating police officers next to the Presidential Administration building.

“All this orgy is happening because people like me are in prison,” said Igor Markov.

As previously reported, Igor Markov, the leader of Rodina party, was arrested for his involvement in the beating of the picket in Odessa in 2007. On October 29 Odessa Regional Administrative Court rejected the claim of Igor Markov against Volodymyr Rybak, the Speaker of Ukrainian parliament. Markov wanted to invalidate the decision of the Speaker to block his voting card.

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