Bildt: if Yanukovych gives the signal, the Association will be signed this Friday

If Ukraine decides so, the association agreement could be signed at the end of this week, said Carl Bildt, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs.

“If Ukrainian authorities provide a clear signal that we are ready to sign an agreement tomorrow, or the day after. Perhaps, if the President gives a signal tomorrow, until the end of the week we can sign, at the Council of Foreign Ministers”, he said. Bildt added that the Ukrainian government often says to the EU things, “which often might be very different from what the authorities say elsewhere”.

Bildt added that "of course, the door for Ukraine is open... We are ready to sign an agreement at any time. But the decision belongs to Yanukovych”.

Bildt also touched on the Russian position about Ukraine's European integration. He noted that there was ongoing propaganda war and economic pressure on Ukraine, reports ICTV Facts news program.

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