Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council and the head of Kiev City Administration lost their seats because of EuroMaidan crackdown

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych issued decrees dismissing Volodymyr Sivkovych, Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense, and Oleksandr Popov, Head of Kiev City State Administration.

Both suspects in EuroMaidan crackdown on the night of November 30 were dismissed at the request of the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine.

Yanukovych hopes that the Office of Prosecutor General “will objectively and comprehensively conduct investigation of these events”.

The President stressed that all implicated in the events of November 30 regardless of their position and status should be punished.

Sivkovych and Popov, as well as removed from service Valery Koryak, chef of Kiev City police, and Petro Fedchuk, his deputy, have already received notice of suspected abuse of office and authority. This article of the Criminal Code carries a punishment of up to 8 years’ imprisonment.

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