Alexandr Bulavin: unfeasible dreams of Euromaidan

In Brussels, the capital of the EU, to which we are so persistently being invited (so persistently that there are even declarations regarding the tent placement on Euromaidan), the five-hour-rally of the European trade unions took place. The international news agencies informed in passing about the rally and about the fact that more than 80,000 people from France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Portugal and the Czech Republic took part in the rally. I bet that none of the mass media of Ukraine will mention it, as the desire to live and to work in Europe is hardly the main motive of those people, who build ice counterscarps on Maidan.

If someone was not persuaded by the international news agencies, I will share my own experience. Yesterday one relative had a talk with his former wife, who lived in France for almost 25 years. The conversation started with the troubled question:

“Vova, what is going in Ukraine? Why do the people riot?”

“They want to Europe,” answered the relative, who lives near Kiev and is distant from policy.

“And what do they want in Europe?”

“To work,” Vova answered languidly, not expecting the storm that followed.

“Do you want me to tell about Europe? Vova, you know that I have been a citizen of France for 20 years. But it is extremely difficult to get a job today. I was waiting for the job for 1,5 year living on allowance. And now I look after the 70-year-old man, who suffers from the Alzheimer's disease. And I am very afraid of the worsening, because in such case the man will be taken to the hospital, and I will become jobless again.”

“May be to clean the toilets is the way out? Here one political lady was so enthusiastic about this job.”

“What?” the interlocutor laughed: “To get this job you need to stand in a line together with the Lithuanians, Poles, Romanians, Bulgarians and a dozen of other nationalities, who arrived here from the Northern Africa in the recent months. What are you talking about? This is an unskilled job and there is a line of one hundred people for it.”

I will not render the whole conversation. But I immediately thought, why not in Ukraine? According to the data of the State Standards, despite of the growing unemployment, there is a number of jobs in Ukraine, which are vacant. Herewith, the higher and often even secondary education is not required. According to the analysis, the information about the vacant positions in different regions of the country is as follows: about 50,000 positions of the assistant workers, the same quantity of nurses, about 45,000 drivers, more than 60,000 shop assistants, more than 10,000 positions of such specialties as security officers, cooks, tractor drivers, maintenance technicians, street cleaners and others.

The result of the comparison with the West shows that our guest workers, I beg your pardon, the future happy residents of Europe, cannot even dream of such jobs. Is the majority of the people, who are attracted by the aura of freedom on Maidan, aware of it? They are for sure. Most people from the western Ukraine travel to Europe on different business, the majority of people have relatives, parents, friends and children in Europe. I do not even ask if the leaders of Maidan are aware of it. FOR SURE. But we will never hear the recognition of it from them either in public or in the mass media.

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