The opposition is guilty of the budget failure - says Svyatash, the people's deputy from Kharkov

Ukrainian Parliament is ready to resume work, to consider and adopt the 2014 budget. According to the people's deputy Dmitry Svyatash (Party of Regions faction), if the opposition does not stop blocking the parliament, the question will remain unresolved, and the opposition will be guilty if it.

“We are ready to consider the budget and vote for it as prescribed by the law. If opposition submits any suggestions, we are ready to consider them. I would like to stress that if the parliament does not start working – we’re not going to unblock it by force – the entire responsibility for the budget failure will rest on the shoulders of the opposition,” said Svyatash.

According to him, representatives of the current government are willing to negotiate and to compromise with the opposition. But we are not talking about the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers, rather about introducing an opposition minister to it.

“In accordance with the current Constitution, the question of the government's resignation was put to vote, unsuccessfully. Therefore, the opposition’s stance that they will not allow the rest of the people's deputies to work is absolutely nonconstructive. Their requirement to dismiss the Cabinet will not be satisfied as there are no grounds for such actions. I think that we might start from shared responsibility for the work of the government. That is, if we’re talking about introducing an opposition minister (or two) to the current Cabinet, this can be discussed and agreed. Why do they not concern themselves with such things as, say, social policy? They’re welcome to show that besides speaking and trying to lead unorganized protest actions they are also able to work,” said the people's deputy.

Dmitry Svyatash has emphasized that the Party of Regions does not support any heavy-handed approach in either unblocking the parliament or in dispersing the protesters at Maidan: “Relying on the official date of the Ministry of Interior, I can assure that the heavy-handed approach will not be implemented. However, the police will protect state institutions and will not allow the force scenario to materialize, when the Cabinet, the parliament and the Presidential Administration get captured. I would also like to remind that if the protesters initiate such actions, they will be qualified as an offense”.

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