Kharkov’s Saltovskaya subway line will get a carriage-museum

The subway central office has reported that Kharkov’s Saltovskaya subway line will get a carriage-museum. Instead of the usual advertising posters one of the carriages will be decorated with photos and a brief description of the milestones connected with the history of subway creation and development.

The carriage will house facts and photos about the beginning of the construction of subway, all stages of opening subway segments, as well as photos of subway directors throughout its history and interesting facts and passengers’ reviews of Kharkov subway. The carriage will be running on a daily basis.

In 1962 the Supreme Council of the USSR initiated the construction of a subway in Kharkov, the industrial center of the eastern Ukraine. The first subway run was made on August 23, 1975. Kharkov subway was the sixth in the USSR and the first subway opened in the regional center.

In 1984 Saltovskaya line was opened to traffic, in 1995 – Alekseevskaya line. Now Kharkov subway infrastructure includes 3 lines, 29 stations, 2 depots, 321 carriage, 47 escalators, 135 turnouts, 118 main fans and over 5,000 km of cable networks.

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