Kharkov aircraft factory wants to saturate domestic market with its airplanes

The CEO Anatoly Myalitsa has informed the reporters that domestic airlines use only about 10 aircrafts manufactured at Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

According to him, Ukraine airlines operate TU-134, AN-140 and AN-74. "We urge Ukraine to buy our equipment. Our AN-140 can be used for inter-regional routes, AN-74 – for the military; our small plane HAZ-30 can be deployed somewhere too,” said Myalitsa.

He has shared that now the plant operates on foreign orders. "Our aircrafts are flying on every continent of the world. Currently, there is AN-140 in the final assembly shop, commissioned by one of our CIS countries. There is interest in our AN-74. We’re restoring ties with Egypt, open up the markets in other countries, but we’re in no rush to disclose this information. Aircraft market is the single-buyer market. As soon as we announce preparation of the agreement, our competitors start offering their options. And given the difficulties with our finances, they can easily get ahead of us. So we keep our agreements in secret until the last moment,” said Myalitsa.

Myalitsa has informed that currently the plant employs more than 4,000 people. “Our existing portfolio of orders allows us to think about expanding the staff. We could recruit about 250 more people, but they must be skilled workers. Because training system is not working, we have to educate people on the spot. Recently we trained and recruited about 60 workers,” said Myalitsa.

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