Third gender has been legally recognized in Germany

Those citizens of Germany, who were born with physiological signs of both genders, will have the opportunity to independently choose their gender after attaining a legal age; until then a human is reckoned among third gender.

The amendments to the law on civil statuses, which were adopted by the German government by the recommendation of the council on ethics of the ministry of internal affairs in May 2013, have come in force today.

The proponents of the innovation claim that the changes concern only those people, who were born with physiological signs of both genders; there are around ten thousand of them in Germany now. Previously the parents had to make up their minds on the gender of the baby at the moment of receiving the birth certificate, while operative or therapeutic treatment of such children started with two years of age without the child consent. Now according to the law it is necessary to wait for an independent decision of a child.

Australia was the first country to have secured by law the right to be neither male nor female. In September 2011 the parliament of the country adopted an amendment that allowed putting a letter "X" instead of gender in the passport. There is a similar law in New Zealand and Nepal.

"Germans are serious people, not romantic one; they have not previously indulged themselves with this kind of tricks. A substantial part of the western society is getting ill with paranoia and if this is seriously going to continue a serious moral and ethical harm could be made to the western society," said an honorable doctor of the institute of sociology of the Russian academy of sciences Alexander Galkin, commenting the German innovation.

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