Truck jams were formed at the Ukrainian-Russian border

Many long-length trucks gathered at the checkpoints of the Ukrainian-Russian border. According to the morning data, there were 122 vehicles at Novoshakhtinsk checkpoint of Rostov customs, 199 – at Veselo-Voznesenka checkpoint, and 62 trucks – at Matveyev Kurgan checkpoint of Taganrog customs.

According to the southern customs department of Ukraine, the formalities for entry to Russia were completed for 155 vehicles at those checkpoints. The previous morning around 400 trucks were also waiting for completion of the entry formalities at those checkpoints. The jams were caused by the new measures of securing the transit, introduced at the south of Russia on October 28.

The ministry of incomes and taxes of Ukraine has expressed concern with the situation of admission of the freight transport and with "the absence of timely notification from the side of the federal customs authorities of the Russia Federation, as was assumed after several recent meetings, both at the expert and at the executive levels".

The Russian federal customs authority claims to have warned about the new rules in advance. According to the new rules, the customs officials stop accepting TIR carnets as the sole way of ensuring the observation of customs transit. TIR carnets are not going to be abolished, but will not be accepted without additional ensuring measures, stipulated by the customs code of the Customs Union. The additional measures can also be used independently. For example, the hauler can use the following ensuring measures when opening the transit procedure: guarantee, monetary deposit, bank guarantee, pledging, and preliminary declaration. The importer of the goods can also make the arrangements for ensuring on behalf of the hauler or use the services of customs hauler.


According to the Russian side, the situation with undergoing the customs control was complicated with the fact that at the time of introduction of new requirements many international carriers, having opened TIR carnets in the countries of consignment, were already on the way and, having arrived at the checkpoints, were not ready to supply ensuring of transit during the border formalities, thus creating a jam.

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