The president of Uzbekistan has pummeled his daughter for laundering the budget money.

Gulnara Karimova was pummeled by her father for laundering money from the budget of the country. The president of Uzbekistan was so furious that his security guards had to drag him away from his daughter.

According to the information that leaked to media, Islam Karimov decided to take away entire Gulnara's business empire for her laundering up to 700 million dollars per annum. Additionally Karimov ordered to arrest all the companions of the daughter and suspend the activity of all her companies. He has also ordered to fire and arrest all the heads of republican apparatuses of the national security agency and the ministry of internal affairs, who were in charge of combating corruption and financial crimes. He also commanded to seize the cars of his grandson Islam, the son of Gulnara.

Then he summoned his daughter to his residence in Durmeni and pummeled her there claiming that she had disgraced him and the family.

On October 31Gulnara Karimova wrote in her Twitter that the head of the national security agency of Uzbekistan Rustam Inoyatov was preparing to seize the power. According to CA News, the revelations of the older daughter of the president of the country continued the series of publications about complex relationships inside the presidential family, her conflict with the father, the arrest of Gulnara Karimova accounts, shutdown of the television channels that she controlled and inspections of the company Terra Group, which she owned. Karimova said that after shutting down her television channels, the enforcers would take care of all the channels that "tell the truth" and leave only those channels, which they controlled. Gulnara also wrote in Twitter that she was attempted to be poisoned by heavy metals, such as mercury.

Gulnara Karimova is the older daughter of the president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. She was an ambassador of Uzbekistan in Spain in 2010-2012. According to Izvestiya newspaper, Gulnara was potential successor of her father as the president of the country. She is also famous as a singer under the stage name Googoosha and is the chairman of the board of guardians of non-governmental fund Forum of the Culture and Art of Uzbekistan and several other public organizations.

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