Infant euthanasia might be legalized in Belgium

Belgian authorities consider the option of introducing euthanasia among children.

Only those, whose parents consent, will be allowed to voluntarily depart this life. Euthanasia was legalized in Belgium in 2002. As of now only the adult citizens of the country have the right to the procedure. However, the parliament is now considering the amendments to the law on euthanasia, which would enable the minors to commit a voluntary suicide with the consent of their parents. Besides that euthanasia is planned to also be allowed for the people in early stages of dementia, i.e. to those relatively healthy.

The authors of the bill from the socialistic party think that the issue of infant euthanasia has been ripe for a long time and is a necessary measure. Many families, in which terminally ill children live, will have a chance to stop their sufferings.

Christian democrats are against this suggestion because they consider children to be not ready to make this kind of decisions.

"It is very strange that the minors are prohibited from getting married and voting, but are planned to be allowed to voluntarily kill themselves," said catholic archbishop Andre Joseph-Leonard when discussing the issue in Belgian parliament.

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