Ex-president of America will draw portraits of his colleagues

The former president of the USA George W. Bush will paint the portraits of 19 world leaders, who held the power simultaneously with him.

According to The New York Times, Bush plans to start the series with Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany since 2005. Although no last names of the other politicians on the list were given, they could be the former prime-minister of the Great Britain Tony Blair and his successor Gordon Brown, ex-president of France Jacques Chirac, and the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

George W. Bush became fond of painting after he had left the presidency in 2009. He has mostly been drawing cats and dogs lately. His earlier paintings, presumably self-portraits, depicted a naked man in a shower. The photos were published by a hacker, who hacked e-mail of the relatives of the former president.

After his resignation Bush settled in Texas. He participates in different charity events, gives lectures, and occasionally comments on various political developments. His acquaintances say that the main occupation of Bush is playing golf.

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