The ballet dancers of Mariinsky Theater and the teachers of the Academy of the Russian Ballet Named after Vaganova rebelled against Tsiskaridze

More than 100 people have signed an open letter against the appointment of Nikolay Tsiskaridze as the rector of the Academy. The employees demand dismissing the former top dancer of the Bolshoi Theater from the management position.

The Ministry of Culture, which appointed Tsiskarifze to this position, is blamed for "having no understanding of the fundamental principles of functioning of the ballet school, trampling on basic conceptions, which have been serving the professionalism of St. Petersburg ballet school for centuries as well as the preservation and development of the Russian ballet as a whole".

The representatives of staff think that the retirement of the rector Vera Dorofeyeva and the artistic director of the Academy Altynai Asylmuratova caused irreparable damage and broke "the continuity of the traditions of the school and is conceived as an unacceptable, perhaps even maleficent, decision".

The official reply to the letter is yet to follow.

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