EU-Russia Permanent Partnership Council will hold foreign ministers’ meeting on December 16

In Brussels, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet with the European Parliament's First High Representative Catherine Ashton. The sides will discuss the situation in Ukraine.

According to Lavrov, the Ukrainian government had every reason not to sign the association agreement with the EU. Lavrov said that in a crisis Ukraine for the EU was “almost like a free increment to profits”.

"By putting the question squarely – either EU or TC partnership – EU parliamentarians hoped so upset already unstable relations with Ukraine,” says the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Russian diplomat sees the Ukrainian government’s decision on steering away from the agreement for now as the sovereign right. "It seems that the cause of the demonstrations is Ukraine declaring a war on some peaceful state. This, of course, was done by provocateurs,” Lavrov added.

In particular, blatant interference of the EU politicians into the internal affairs of Ukraine concerns the members of the Russian parliament. "We intend to discuss the fate of Ukraine. European partners, I hope, will not shy away from it,” said Lavrov.

Meeting of Ukrainian-Russian Interstate Commission is scheduled for the next day, December 17.

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