Antifascist organizations go to Anti-Maidan in Kharkov

Coordinating Council of Kharkov anti-fascist organizations held an Anti-Maidan rally at the city’s Freedom Square. The main requirements of the gathered was to speak out against riots and pogroms in Kiev, organized by the West and aimed at the violent change of the constitutional order in Ukraine and forced entanglement of Ukraine into EU association, which could lead to economic and political disaster. This was communicated by Gennady Makarov, the head of Kharkov association “For cultural and linguistic equality”, chairman of the “Russian Veche” Coordination Council of Russian organizations in Ukraine's East.

According to him, "to express civic position of Kharkov antifascists, we invited through social networks all concerned citizens who are angry about riots in Kiev and who perceive threat of a fascist unconstitutional coup". The event was also attended by activists of the “Labouring Kharkov”, “All-Ukrainian Union of Soviet officers”, “Progressive Socialist Party”, “Russian Veche” movement, “Ukrainian choice” and “Borotba” party.

The rally adopted a resolution addressed to the leadership of Ukraine and the Embassies of the Western countries, demanding to end interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

At a meeting on December 4 the activists of antifascist organizations in Kharkov adopted a resolution to the President of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, heads of the factions in the Ukrainian parliament, “Regional Councils of Galichina region” and ambassadors of foreign countries in Ukraine, which demanded that the President and the government resisted the pressure of the West’s “fifth column”, refrained from signing the enslaving agreement with the EU, as well as imposed emergency rule in Kiev and brought criminal charges against Maidan leaders “for the European colonial dream”.

Kharkov dwellers also demanded the government to stop subsidy payments to the regions that went on strike and did not work, telling the “so-called opposition” to stop splitting the country and end the civil war, and asking the Attorney General to prosecute the organizers “of Euro-chaos” in Kiev – people's deputies Arseniy Yatsenyuk , Vitali Klitchko and Oleg Tyahnibok.

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