Ukraine is one of the most poverty-ridden countries in Europe

The population of Ukraine took the penultimate place by the living standard among the European countries, with 40 countries before it and only Moldova behind. The rating was composed by the magazine Purchasing Power of Europe 2013/2014, prepared by the experts of international company GfK.

According to the experts, an average Ukrainian has almost 6 times less money for daily expenses than an average European.

The experts estimate that the purchasing power per capita in Ukraine in the current year will amount to 2,206 euro, while the aggregate purchasing power of the European countries amounts to circa 6.88 trillion euro, i.e. 12,890 euro for each European resident.

The leaders of spending are the residents of Lichtenstein with 58,844 euro, which is 4.5 times higher than the average level in Europe. The second and third places of the rating are occupied by Switzerland with 36,351 euro and Norway with 31,707 euro correspondingly.

It's notable that in English country of Nottinghamshire a retired police dog receives the pension of 500 pounds per month, which is only 4 times less than annual purchasing power per capita in Ukraine.

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