Okean Elzy band was working in Russia without a permit

The performers of Ukrainian rock-bank Okean Elzy were fined for touring the territory of Russia without the work permit.

The department of the federal migration authority levied the penalty of 18 thousand rubles on each of 9 participants of the band, who had given a concert on November 2 in the palace of winter sports Crystal in Saratov.

The employees of Saratov department of the federal migration authority conducted unplanned inspection during the concert and discovered that 9 members of Okean Elzy had no Russian work permits.

There is an announcement at the web-site of the department of the federal migration authority that the organizers of Okean Elzy concert were fined 225 thousand rubles according to the article 18.15 of the administrative code for "the unlawful involvement of a foreign citizen in the labor activity".

At the moment Okean Elzy is on a concert tour in Russia. The musicians have already visited Penza, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Tyumen, and Samara. After Saratov the band gave a concert in Volgograd on November 4. There were no reports about problems with the federal migration authority in the other cities of the tour.

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