Bondarchuk's Stalingrad might cost the minister of culture of the Russian Federation his appointment

The minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinskiy might leave his office because of the ideological failure of Fedor Bondarchuk's movie Stalingrad.

After the release of the movie the people in the immediate environment of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin were dissatisfied with the results of work of the minister of culture, who was personally responsible for the government supervision of shooting of the movie Stalingrad.

The president Putin has personally given Medinskiy the task of doing everything for the film to be "celebrating the spirit of the Russian people, using the battle of Stalingrad as an example, and bringing patriotic fervor to the masses". The presidential advisors think that Medinskiy failed the task.

According to unconfirmed information, during the government meeting devoted to the problems of culture one of the presidential aides angrily said that "Medisnkiy had to do everything so that we made a patriotic movie, but not a low-grade fiction, in which the Russian soldiers look like idiots and the Russian women – as prostitutes, ready to sell their Motherland for a piece of bread".

This is not the first scandal, in which the minister of culture of Russia participates; however, it could cost him his position this time. According to the information from the sources in the presidential administration, the consultations about possible candidate for the next minister of culture of the Russian Federation have already begun.

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