In Azerbaijan a road was paved with tombstones of Russians

After repairs of the water supply the road to Baku settlement Rasuladze was paved with tombstones that were taken from the largest in the republic Christian Russian-Armenian cemetery Montino, which had been ruined in 2007.

The locals had no suspicions until the rain washed the dirt down from the stones to reveal the epitaphs that had been made in the Russian language among the others. Crosses and the photos of the deceased were preserved on many stones. The authorities of Binagidin district of Baku said that they had nothing to do with this act of vandalism and promised to deal with the situation.

It will be recalled that construction of administrative building was started in March 2013 on the territory of ruined Russian-Armenian cemetery Montino; the soil dug from the foundation pit was removed to the plots of the locals. According to Azerbaijan media, the remnants of the deceased were frequently found in that soil.

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