The stars of show business will teach the teenagers to appreciate books

A project 100 Books that Changed Life, initiated by the organization Public Reader Initiative and Rospechat, was launched in Russia. The main goal of the project is to help the Russian teenagers to rediscover reading. 100 Russian actors, producers, writers, athletes and TV presenters, who are popular among the youngsters, became the participants of the project.

The special web-site 100 Books that Changed Life has the information about the literary preferences of actor Maxim Averin, athlete Nikolai Valuev, tennis player Anastasia Myskina, TV presenter Ivan Urgant, and the other stars of the Russian show business.

The list of 100 most popular books, which every teenager should read, will be determined by the reader's voting, which will take place at the site during one month. The results of the voting will be published on November 30 during the International Fair of Intellectual Non-fiction Literature.

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