Ukrainians pay extra 26 billion hryvnas for the heating

During the heating season Ukraine loses about 26 billion hryvnas. It was stated by the head of Energy Auditors Association Andrei Tsybulko. According to his words about 85% of the residential buildings in Ukraine have been built in the previous century when the demands to the energy efficiency of the buildings were 3-4 times lower.

“Today there are practically no buildings in Ukraine which can be called heat efficient. On the average every building loses about 40 % of the heat through the buildings fronts – windows and walls,” Andrei Tsybulko said. According to his words extra volumes of gas, coal and heating oil are burnt to keep the necessary temperature in the dwelling stock.

“On the average about 20 billion hryvnas for the purchasing of energy supply is spent inefficiently. However, in winter the temperature in the apartments does not reach the necessary 21-22 degrees. That is why people have to switch on the electric heaters. Estimated annual expenses for the electrical energy constitute 5.5 – 6 billion hryvnas. All in all we get 26 billion hryvnas loss during one heating season,” the head of Energy Auditors Association emphasized.

Extra expenses amount to the cost of 8 billion cubic meters of gas. “This is the colossal volume. Such amount of gas would be enough to heat all the residential houses in the regions of Lugansk, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk all together or in such a city as Moscow,” the president of Association of Foam Plastic Producers of Ukraine Roman Zakharenkov noted. He noted that the situation can be changed by the overall thermo modernization of the dwelling stock.

“In Germany and other European counties about 85% of all the residential houses are insulated by the foam plastic. It is obvious that in Ukraine the issue of heat losses decrease will become more critical year after year – the prices for the energy carriers will increase,” said Roman Zakharenkov. According to his words, the buildings fronts' insulation with the foam plastic and windows replacement will allow to solve the problem of cold for at least 80 % of apartments.

The carried out survey showed that in Ukraine there is the demand for heat insulation of the dwelling. “Only 22% of the Ukrainians told that it is warm in their apartments in winter. Herewith a half of the respondents consider that their homes need insulation. One third of the Ukrainians plan to insulate the front buildings and replace the windows within the next three years,” the director of the centre Social Monitoring Dmitrii Dmitruk mentioned. He emphasized that 86% of the respondents while purchasing or renting housing pay attention to the issue of the heat supply provision of the house. “This is a positive tendency. Besides people consider that warmth at home is their own task, but not only the responsibility of the state,” Dmitrii Dmitruk told.

Andrei Tsybulko noted that in 2011 Ukraine has joined the European Energetic Community and undertook the liability to downsize internal heat intake by 9% before 2020. “Thermo modernization of the dwelling stock will allow going through the period of the possible heating tariff escalation without serious consequences. Actually in the heat insulated houses even at higher tariffs the total costs of the heat will not increase,” the head of Energy Auditors Association remarked.

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