Online game will be created by the books of Jane Austen

The books of the classic of the world literature Jane Austen will be made into an online game. It will be possible to experience all the beauty of the Victorian era in an entertaining form by trying the role of one of the characters of the books of British author. The project named Ever, Jane was presented at the website Kickstarter. The gameplay will be based on social interactions between the players. The events of the game will unfold in the beginning of the 19th century, where the characters will perform typical for Austen characters types of activity, for example, visit the balls. Traditional battles will be absent in the game; instead it will be possible to fight the rivals via spreading the rumors about them that will lower their social status. However, the rumor system will be built in such a fashion that if one tells false stories about competitors too often, it might be discovered, which will lead to lowering the status of the scandalmonger.

When creating a character the player will have to set the balance between various parameters: duty, kindness, happiness, status and reputation, which will also influence the interaction with the other players. For example, the characters with high status might not respond to the ball invitation from those, whose status parameter is lower, which will cause it to drop even further. However, if they gladly agree, the status of the ball organizers might rise. Besides a personal status the game will also feature the one of the family, acquired by those characters that unite in a family.

The character will be able to sew, hunt, fish, perform music and juggle with words. If the game is successfully financed it will be available in the beginning of 2016.

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