Mitki paint own Ivan the Terrible – kind and merciful

Mitki presented their vision of the painting about Ivan the Terrible in the Central House of Artist.

The artists' union Mitki announced the presentation of the painting Mitki Bring a New Son to Ian the Terrible in the Central House of Artist (CHA).

"The CHA invited us to bring the painting to Moscow, so that the Muscovites could also be glad for the sake of the tsar Ivan Vasiliyevich, whom we consoled with a new sun," the Interfax quoted Shagin. According to him, the exhibition of a single painting will take place in the CHA. The opening should be accompanied with performance of Mitki and Moscow artist German Vinogradov, who will represent Ivan the Terrible.

On October 12 Mitki presented the painting Mitki Bring a New Son to Ian the Terrible in St. Petersburg. The painting, which is the size of the original canvas of 199.5 by 254 centimeters, depicts the men in ushankas (fur caps with ear flaps) and sailors' striped tee-shirts, who carry swaddled infant to the tsar.

The work of Mitki ia a retort to the address of the chairman of the movement Holy Russ Vasily Boiko-Velikiy, who referres to himself as an orthodox enterepreneur, in which he demanded to remove a "disgraceful" painting Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan on October 16, 1581 by Repin from the exposition of Tretyakov Gallery. According to Boiko-Velikiy, the painting is slanderous towards the tsar, misleads the schoolchildren and insults the patriotic feelings of the Russian people. The leader of Mitki Shagin replied that his artist friends wanted to "restore the historical justice" and draw a painting which could take the place of Repin's canvas in Tretyakovka. Besides that he advised the orthodox activists to pay attention to the other specimen of the Russian painting that are "not politically correct".

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