Today Senator of the USA John McCain meets Victor Yanukovich

On Monday, December, 16, Senator of the USA Congress meets the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych in Kiev. The American Senator intends to apply sanctions, if Yanukovych tries to disperse again Evromaydan demonstrators.In the Resolution adopted on December 13, 2013, by the Congress of the USA, violent measures of the government against peace demonstrators are condemned, and also there is an appeal to all political parties to avoid addresses of anti-Semitic character sounds. For non-compliance with the corresponding conditions of the Resolution, the United States intend to apply to the Ukrainian politicians visa and financial sanctions.

"Today Ukrainians protest on streets because they are afraid of long-term economic expenses Ukraine can experience when the Agreement is not signed. It’s inappropriate that these demonstrations encounter the aggressive resistance and even violence from Yanukovych's government. This resolution lets know that the further violence by the government will result in the fraught consequences for our bilateral relations. I hope, the President Yanukovych will understand that his government, eventually, needs to move in one direction with his citizens and take into account people’s opinion – they want prosperity for their country in future", - McCain claims.

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