Supporters of the Customs Union gathered at the Cathedral square in Odessa

On December, 14, march against the split of Ukraine was held in Odessa. On the streets of the city veterans, local youth, representatives of Russian public organizations and national communities gathered. Participants of the action marched from Cathedral square to the building of the city Council with slogans in support of Ukraine's integration into the Customs Union.

According to one of the organizers of the event Anton Davydenko Saturday's march, which attended about two thousand supporters of the Eurasian vector of country development, is a demonstration of Odessa’s civil position, their desire to live in a stable and democratic state and to develop friendly relations with the Russian Federation. He also noted that participants of the event support Ukraine's rejection of the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU and membership in the Customs Union. To resolve the situation in the country, the people of Odessa offered the question regarding the integration to be considered in the all-Ukrainian referendum.

March ended near the building of the city Council, where its participants adopted the respective resolution in the address of the Central and Local authorities.

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