Azarov called on the Ukrainians to bring protests in Kiev to a stop

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov called on the participants of the protests to stop the rallies at the streets of Kiev, come back home and give the capital an opportunity to function normally.

The head of the government made this statement when speaking at the rally in support of the President of Ukraine "Let's Preserve Ukraine" held at the European Square in Kiev.

Azarov has emphasized that the overall situation in the regions of Ukraine is stable, "I have the information that these events are happening only in Kiev, while the rest of the country is mostly quiet. And we need to give calm to Kiev as well. I was coming to this rally and it was painful to observe what is going on. Let's have courage, I am addressing the politicians now, and let's tell our people to come back to families and to take care of their business."

The head of the Ukrainian government has also said that it is especially important today to solve all the problem issues via peaceful negotiations. The politicians must unite for the future of Ukraine.

"We have to be united in this. We can argue within the country, but we have to show a united front outside. Those politicians, who promote hostility, hatred and division of Ukraine, should not exist in today's politics, they belong to dump. Everyone should understand that," emphasized Azarov, speaking to the participants of the rally.

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