Euromaidan accepts money from students and pensioners

Retired couple form Ivano-Frankovsk gave 10,000 hryvnas to support Euromaidan, while the deputies Ternopol city council donated 41,000 hryvnas. The money will be used for bus transportation of the residents of Prikarpattya to Euromaidan.

According to UNIAN, the representative of the headquarters of the national resistance Dmitry Chuiko told about these donations during a meeting with journalists on Friday, December 13, in Ivano-Frankovsk.

He said that since 89-year-old Mikhail Kravchuk and his wife cannot come to Kiev for health reasons, they decided to help materially. They think that they are donating money for the struggle for independence of Ukraine:

"I feel much pain for what's going on in the country now. Ukrainians need to struggle for their independence; that's why it's necessary to go to Maidan. My wife and I calculated that 10,000 should be enough for sending a big buss full of activists to Kiev," said the pensioner.

The grandpa mentioned that he really wants to live till the moment when Ukraine finally becomes "happy country of happy people". "My wife and I, we talk it over, so that God lets us live till the new Ukraine," says the pensioner.

The representatives of Ivano-Frankovsk headquarters of the national resistance have accepted the donation from the pensioners at their house. According to the representative of the headquarters, this money will be enough for sending a double-decker bus with 70 passengers.

The employees of Ternopol city council transferred to Kiev Euromaidan more than 41,400 hryvnas, which were collected when the mayor, his deputies, chiefs of departments and specialists of the city hall gave half of their salaries.

Mayor's press-secretary Ekaterina Kalush has told that the money was collected during two days by the recommendation of the mayor:

"During the meeting with the heads of structural departments the mayor Sergey Nadal shared his idea of donating half of the salary for the needs of Maidan. This decision was immediately supported. The people donated money voluntarily. They brought cash. And already in tow days we managed to gather 41,400 hryvnas. On 4 p.m. today we transferred the funds to the account of Euromaidan," she has reported.

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