The mayor of Kiev recommends removing the cars parked in the city center for the duration of Euromaidan

The head of Kiev City State Administration recommended removing the cars parked in the city center and reminded of the media reports of possible provocations. All the emergency rescue services of Kiev were set to special alert.

The head of Kiev City State Administration Alexander Popov warned about worsening of the weather conditions in Kiev over the weekend.

"Mass populous events are expected in the center of Kiev this weekend. They will be held in the conditions of sharp deterioration of the weather conditions. This demands special responsibility and tolerance from the participants and organizers of the actions, as well as from the authorities and the law enforcement bodies," says Popov's appeal, posted at the website of Kiev City State Administration.

Popov said, "The media are spreading the information about probable provocations of forceful opposition between the participants of the protests and between them and the law enforcers".

According to his words, the executive authority of the capital asked the police to do whatever possible to prevent the threat of violence and secure a legal right of the citizens for conducting peaceful actions.

The head of Kiev City State Administration has asked the residents of Kiev, whose cars are parked at the streets in the city center, to move them to different places.

"All the emergency rescue services are on high alert now. Twenty-four-hour duty of ambulances is provided for in the places of substantial public gatherings. Subway and the other kinds of public transportation are ready to operate in special mode," explained Popov.

He asked the owners of private cars "to refrain from driving the central streets without necessity".

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