Kojara says that Euromaidan is detrimental to the interests of Ukraine

On air of television channel Inter the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country has said that mass actions in support of the European integration of Ukraine harm the interests of the state.

"During the negotiations with the EU we say, "We have the following conditions: we want compensation and want to have technical and financial aid". And at the same time there is a rally, where they say, "We don't need anything, it's necessary to sign it (the agreement with the EU) immediately".

And that's what they tell to us in Brussels, "What are you asking? Sign it immediately".

Aтв the same happens in Russia as well: we come and say, "We need to restore the trade and we need a different price for gas". And they reply to us in Russia "There are people standing there; why don't you make up your mind as to what you want?" said Kojara.

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