In East Ukraine defensive divisions are formed

New divisions of a special purpose are formed in the southeast of Ukraine, in particular in the Crimea. The representative of Party of Regions Vadim Kolesnichenko claims that these institutions in each city will provide order preservation. Kolesnichenko also reports about recent request of Sevastopol inhabitants to organize similar groups. "About eight hundred people intend to go to Kiev for issue implemention", Vadim Kolesnichenko speaks.

The politician is dissatisfied with a position of the arbitrator which is taken by Europe in relation to Ukraine’s situation. For order restoration, the offer from parliamentarians of EU to hold secondary elections in Ukraine arrived. Parliamentarians suggest to take ensuring "transparency" of elections under their control. Inhabitants of East Ukraine won't allow a coup d'etat with the subsequent capture of the power, the regional considers. "The compromise will be found", Kolesnichenko declares.

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