The musicians will play at the Southern station in Kharkov during the festive time

Live music will be played on the Southern station from December 25 till January 6. The web site of the Southern Railway informs that Kharkov musicians will meet and farewell the passengers with music in the main hall of the station.

The trio of trumpeters of Kharkov Regional Philharmonic will give the concert on December 25. The string quartet of Kharkov National Opera and Ballet Theater Named after N.V. Lysenko will play for the residents of Kharkov and the guests of the city from December 27 till January 6.

For the festive time it is also planned to organize the installation with the mechanical characters of fairy tales and karaoke, as well as the playground with the light-emitting-diode screen and with the use of the modern interactive technologies.

And in the terminal B one could watch the video projections.

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