The next year long-distance trips will become more expensive in the Crimea

The next year the cost of long-distance trips in the Crimea will increase on theaverage by 15 %. The carriers have come to a compromise decision with the Crimean government and agreed to raise the price of the passenger transportation from 22 up to 26 kopecks per kilometer.

Originally, up to 30 kopecks increase in the price of long-distance trips was discussed; however, the Crimean government made its calculations and identified economically reasonable price in the amount of 26 kopecks for passenger/kilometer.

As the carriers noted, the price of the tickets should grow gradually, while it has not been raised for the last year and a half. Currently, the tariffs do not correspond to the expenditures for maintaining the auto park. Moreover, the prices for the main components, spare parts, as well as for gas, oil and lubricants are constantly growing.

As the head of the association of the carriers of Crimea Nikolay Diskin notes, the tariff of 26 kopecks is more or less a compromise, but the changes are still possible: "Maybe we will manage to apply a differentiated tariff: the cost of the tickets in summer will be higher than in winter. The process is ongoing; we are looking for the best option".

Currently, the draft of the regulatory act, which will be published for public discussion in accordance with the norms of the current legislation, is being worked out.

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