The church called madness participation in Euromaidan during the fast

The Secretary of Odessa Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy Archpriest Andrey Novikov called the current events a riot during the Christmas Fast.

"Unthinkable events are going on. Any revolution is from the evil one, we know that the devil was the first revolutionary; the forces of hell make the revolution. Today what Europe is calling for the Orthodox call the Euro-sodom. Europe imposes the standards of trampling the Christian values, introduction of obligatory same-sex marriages with the ban of criticism of this phenomenon, perverted upbringing of children at school and, more importantly, we are suggested to depart from the Christian civilization and become the outskirts of the Protestant-Catholic civilization, today's aggressive secular anti-Christian civilization, in which aggressive Islam is an important force," says the cleric of Odessa eparchy.

According to Novikov, the genuine Christian Europe remained only in Russia and only the joint efforts of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova will be able to stop the European lawlessness.

"Where was Europe when Christians were killed in Syria, where was Europe when Belgrade was bombed? What will happen if there is no Orthodox civilization, if we, the Orthodox people, are separated?!" the priest asks.

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