Not more than 500 communists came to Lenin monument in Simferopol


Not more than 500 communists conducted a short rally at Lenin monument in Simferopol. The plans of the communists to conduct a two-hour rally and a concert in the capital of the Crimea were disrupted by abrupt weather deterioration and a downpour.

A short walk along the blocked central street terminated with laying on the flowers and a rally at the central square of Simferopol near Lenin monument.

Traditional slogans and mottos were intermitted with passionate verses and occasional discordant shouts of hurray.

"Only the communist party can be proud of being born in the bosoms of the people. No bourgeois party, one hundred, one thousand of bourgeois parties have the right for that. The times are coming, when the pyramid of capitalism is collapsing before our eyes. It is like MMM pyramid: it widens, but it always has its limits," said the member of bureau of Simferopol City Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Stepan Kiskin during the rally.

As expected, the five-minute resolution of the rally with demands of rise in the standard of living, prevention of Nazification of the society, cancellation of the pension and healthcare reforms and the other standard slogans was unanimously supported by all those present during the event.

Having quickly finished the meeting, the leaders of the Crimean Republican Committee of the Communist Party went to survey the office, which is being built three blocks away from Lenin monument on one of historical streets of the Crimean capital. The audience with umbrellas and the artists, for whom a red tent with sickle and hammer was installed, stayed out in the rain at the square.

The office of the communists is being built on Dolgoruvoskaya street almost secretly: disregarding the rules, the fence around the construction site bears no information regarding the building owner or its contractor. Moreover, the trees were cut and the sidewalk was eliminated to create the parking for the communist vehicles in front of the new office, which has grown instead of two ancient buildings, while the construction site was widened in the back of the building by capturing common area at the expense of a common yard of the tenants.

The official purchase price of the building in the center amounted to a little less than 1 million hryvnas. A rumor has it that the money for the construction was allocated by the leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine Petr Simonenko. Not only cabinets for employees and a conference hall for the party meetings but also own print shop will be located in the building.

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