Euromaidan intends to stand till Christmas

Five-meter-high snow barricades, free concert of the Ukrainian artists, visits of foreign guests, free accommodation and three hot meals per day in the center of Kiev - that is the description of daily routine of the Ukrainian insurgents. They are ready to stand here till Christmas under such conditions.

The protesters are ready to stand by the barricades of Euromaidan till Christmas, according to TSN. Maidan Nezalejnosti reminds of a real snow fortress. Some barricades reach the height of 5 meters. Sentinels, who watch out for approaching enemy, are positioned at the barricades. Due to warming the snow in the sacks, which comprise the barricades, has frozen together and turned into ice, which equates solid stone for the practical purposes. Moreover, the spirit of the New Year has appeared at Euromaidan. The people assure that they intend on standing here till Christmas.

Starting with Friday, Euromaidan will switch to full-blown 3 meals a day. The premises of the City State Administration has been able to handle the increased number of the protesters. However, the newcomers do their best not to overload the headquarters at Khreschatik.

The protesters eat and sleep in around 30 minivans, which are positioned near the administration. Since after the removal of police siege food delivery has substantially improved, the kitchen is now cooking borsch and porridge for the participants of the rally.

"The people are already fed up with sandwiches, since after eating them for 2-3 days one starts having problems with the stomach. We want to make 3 meals a day. We'll cook good food, we need fighters," told the organizer of the kitchen Evgenia Mosina to UNIAN correspondent.

The correspondent of UNIAN reports that 5,000 protesters are listening to the performance of the Ukrainian artists from the stage.

Part of the European Square and Khreschatik in the direction of Maidan are blocked with cars. The cars are also parked from the side of Khmelnitskogo Street.

Part of the protesters continues to improve the tent camp. A small number of the participants of the rally are at the barricades.

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