Only 45 percent of the population speaks the state language in Ukraine

According to the national sociological survey conducted in 2012-2013, only 45 percent of the population of Ukraine speaks the Ukrainian language, which is the only state language of the country. 50 percent of the respondents consider Ukrainian to be a native language.

The coordinator of the project The Status of the Ukrainian Language Taras Shamaida said that 29 percent of Ukrainians regard the Russian language as native, while 20 percent of the respondents consider themselves bilingual.

"It is obvious that over the years of the independence of Ukraine a certain anomaly has been observed, since only 45 percent of the people regularly communicate in Ukrainian even at home, while 50 percent of the respondents recognize it as native and 20 percent – as native together with the Russian language. Moreover, even less people communicate in Ukrainian at work, study and public places – by around 4-5 percent less," emphasized Shamaida.

According to him, the survey of Razumkov Center established that 37.7 percent of the respondents reported being pleased when addressed in Ukrainian by a stranger, while only 15.4 percent reported the same for Russian. But on the other hand, it was not pleasant to hear Ukrainian to only 1.2 percent of the respondents, while with Russian the percentage went up to 5.6. Thus, the expert concludes that the problem of disrespect to the Ukrainian language is farfetched.

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