The Senate and the President of the US have protected gays

The US Senate has forbidden discrimination of gays at the work place. The corresponding bill on the prohibition of discrimination of employees by their sexual orientation or gender self-identification was passed by votes of 64 senators versus 32 votes against. The bill bans dismissing employees or refusing to hire them due to nontraditional sexual orientation, reports RIA Novosti. The President Obama has also supported the bill and announced that he "will put an end to injustice towards the Americans who are dismissed or not hired because they are gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transgender".

The document will now be passed for the consideration of the Chamber of Representatives, the speaker of which, John Boehner is against the bill. The President Obama urged the Republicans to support the bill, "One party in one chamber of Congress must not stand in the way of millions of Americans, who want to go to work every day and aspire to be evaluated solely by the quality of their work".

Before being elected the president in 2008, Obama said that he was "thinking about" approving same-sex marriage, but then unconditionally supported them. Several states passed the law permitting same-sex marriages, while the others used special laws to prohibit this kind of unions.

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