Yanukovych changes the chairman of Ivano-Frankovsk Regional Government Administration

According to Stik portal, the deputy of the regional council and the chairman of Batkivshina faction Yury Romaniuk has reported that yesterday the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych signed a decree on the fate of the chair of Ivano-Frankovsk Regional Government Administration.

"According to unverified information, Mikhail Vyshivaniyk is leaving his post, and the chairman of the regional organization of the Party of Regions Valily Chudnov is nominated instead of him (but other candidates are being considered in parallel and this uncertainty is the reason for delay in the release of corresponding decree)," is said in the message.

It is also mentioned that in the regional government administration there will be an extended meeting under the chair of the Deputy Prime-Minister of Ukraine Konstantin Grischenko (which has not been announced earlier), who will introduce the new governor.

"The information from the sources of the deputy regarding the introduction of the new head of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the new chairman of the Regional Government Administration became another proof of the credibility of staff rotation," reported the publication.

The rumors on the staff changes at the governor post have been circulating for a while. However, half a year ago Vyshivaniyk said that, according to Yanukovych, he would work until 2017. Romaniuk assumes that it is highly probable that Vyshivaniyk's career will continue at a different, sufficiently high position, which will be known in the nearest hours.

On October 31 Yanukovych dismissed Viktor Shemchuk from the position of the chairman of Lvov Regional Government Administration and nominated Oleg Salo instead of him.

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