Circus shows have been ruined in Simferopol because of new customs rules


Simferopol circus will not be able to present the new program of illusionary show because the cargo with the circus properties is stuck at the customs.

According to the director of Simferopol State Circus Boris Tesikov, two trucks, which contain the properties and animals, including crocodiles, constrictors and French mastiffs, are stuck in Taganrog customs. Today a general rehearsal has not been conducted due to cargo delay, and the evening show scheduled for 7 p.m. will also be cancelled.

If two trucks with the circus properties do not pass the customs clearance today, four more shows on Saturday and Sunday will also have to be cancelled.

On October 28 Russia cancelled the validity of TIR carnet for customs clearance and introduced new procedures for the paperwork for the goods imported to the territory of the Customs Union. As a result on October 31 lines of trucks started to form at the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Due to the innovations hundreds of trucks got stuck at the border of Russia and Ukraine between November 1 and 4. The Russian side claims to have given repeated warnings about the introduction of the new rules.

The customs rules are being toughened due to prolonged sharpening of the relations between Russian and Ukraine connected with the intention of Kiev to sing the association agreement with the EU already this month.

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