The Russian journalist: it is cheaper for the fleets of Russia and Ukraine to act jointly


According to the Russian journalist Alexander Sladkov, cooperation between two fleets – the Black Sea Fleet of Russia and the Navy of Ukraine – would be more beneficial for Ukraine and Russia than arguing about posture of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

"I am sure that the formula, which will enable two fleets of different subordination to jointly perform the same tasks of guarding and defending the water area, will be found. This is the only way. Russia conducts maneuvers with Kirgizia and Armenia: the guys who don't speak Russian come and we have them dressed, armed, adapted and used to each other. And in this case there is no need to get used. Here the people come from the same schools and are of the same blood. It would be too expensive to lose that. It is cheaper to act jointly," said Sladkov.

The host of television program The Military Program on Russia channel thinks that the Black Sea Fleet could as well provide the national security of Ukraine.

"Perhaps the puffed out cheeks of the politicians will burst one day and the common sense will prevail. Yes, Ukraine is a different country but why cannot we design the relations in such a way that we stand in one formation, protecting both the people of Russia and Ukraine? We are not simply two brotherly nations, we also live side by side," said the journalist.

According to his words, Ukraine is psychologically closer to the majority of Russians than Kurils.

"Nobody will build a wall between us. Today Russia is psychologically, due to the distance, losing the Far East, while Ukraine is psychologically close. It is harder for me to imagine where the Kurils are then Simferopol, Kharkov, Kiev," replied Sladkov to the question of newspaper Segodnya.

It is worth noting that such peaceful theses of the Russian journalist hardly correspond to the concept of the "information war", which Russia launched against Ukraine, according to some of the Ukrainian political engineers. As an example of this war Ukrainians make the analytical story of Dmitry Kiselev on Russia television channel, in which he has emotionally painted a vivid picture of collapse of Ukraine in case of signing the association agreement with the EU.

Alexander Sladkov graduated Kurgan aviation military-political higher school in 1987. He served in Sibirsky, Turkestansky, Leningradsky and Prikarpatsky regions. He retired from the army in 1992 and at first began working in regional newspapers, and then – at radio stations The Voice of Russia and The Radio of Russia. Since 1993 he has been an employee of Russia TV channel, and since 2002 – the author of the idea, manager and host of The Military Program. He made reports from Transdniestria, Tajikistan, Abkhazia, Chechnya, and Afghanistan.

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