Mass protests against the EU spread around Italy

There are mass disorders in the streets of Italy: Italians demand the resignation of the government, withdrawal from the eurozone and conduct of new elections. In the northern part of the country people came into the streets with pitchforks, the traffic on the motorways is hampered.

The protests against high taxes and the policy of universal cost savings were organized all over the Apennines predominantly by the initiative committees of peasants, who call themselves the Pitchfork Movement.

At the same time, for example, in Turin, the urban population, which is going through difficult times of crisis, joined the peasants.

"We do not trust the political parties and the trade unions. The only symbol, which is left, is a national flag of Italy," they say.

In Turin the demonstrators threw bottles with Molotov cocktails and petards at the police officers. The police officers in some cases joined the protesters and in the other applied tear gas.

The protesters threaten to paralyze the entire Italy, to block all transportation through-passages, including railways and sea ports.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister of Spain proposed a draft of the Law about Civil Security, which, in particular, foresees fines in the amount up to 30,000 euros for the protests against the reforms, imposed by the EU. The list of the offenses includes: insult of the state, insult of the police at demonstrations, taking pictures of the police that could jeopardize the operations, as well as the refusal from cooperation with the police to prevent such offenses.

According to the research of the European Statistical Agency, almost one fourth of the population (more than 124 million people) of the European Union suffer from poverty. According to sociologists, last year 124.5 million people, which is 24.8 % of the total population of the countries of Europe, were on the edge of poverty. In 2011 this number was 119.6 million (24.3 %), and in 2008 - 23.7 %. The most complicated situation is in Bulgaria, where poverty and social isolation threatens 49% of the citizens, which is followed by Romania and Latvia where 42% and 37% of the citizens correspondingly are subjected to the risk of poverty. In Lithuania poverty threatens 33% of the population, in Poland this index is 27.2 %, and in Estonia - 23.1 %.

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