Russia lays a claim to 4 health resorts in the Crimea

The department of Moscow lays a claim to recognition of property rights for four Crimean health resorts: sanatoriums Mellas in Yalta, Ponizovka in Yalta, Pervomaisky in Yevpatoriya and children's health resort named after Shevchenko in Yevpatoriya. As has been reported at the working conference on this issue in the Ministry of Resorts of the Crimea, the specified resorts are included in the list of facilities, for which Russia has claims according to the Russian-Ukrainian Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Property Rights. As of now the Russians have not supplied the Ukrainian side with documentary proof of the property rights for those facilities; therefore, the State Property Fund of Ukraine has been temporarily assigned the functions of disposal of the resorts.

"There are a number of reasons why the Russian side cannot supply all the necessary documents to the State Property Fund of Ukraine. Particularly, it is justified with different ways the facilities were constructed: some of them were financed from the Union's budget and some were erected at the expense of enterprises; so the documents which prove the financing of the construction would differ correspondingly. Also there are difficulties with finding many documents in the archives after the expiration of an extended period of time," said the deputy head of the administration of the department of the property of Moscow Vladimir Chernenkov.

"Positive resolution of the existing problem is to the Crimea's advantage because according to the law of Ukraine the property rights for these facilities are not confirmed. Such a situation deters the owners from financing and developing these establishments," mentioned the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea Georgy Psariov.

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